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Lawrence P. Casey

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Date of Birth:
8 November 1940 New York City, New York, USA
Lawrence P. Casey was born in 1940 to William and Florence Casey. He has seven other siblings; William Sr., Paul, John, Joseph, Mary, Peter, and Michael (who sadly passed away.) When he was 10, his family moved to East Side of New York City where Larry played baseball and one day wanted to become a professional ball player. Sadly his father died in February of 1955 when was just fifteen years old, and Larry gave up baseball to work after school to help support the family. He graduated high school in 1958, and a few years later in 1962 his mother bought a dairy farm in Guilford and moved. She lived there with her sons Paul and John, until recently passing away in December of 2004. Lawrence married his wife Katha, with whom he then had a child, Melissa.