Stanley Ridges

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
22 April 1890 Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK
Born in England in 1891, Stanley Ridges would become a protege of Beatrice Lillie, a star of musical comedies, and spent a great many years learning and honing his craft on the stage. He eventually would make his way over to America, and become a romantic leading man on Broadway. His first film appearance was in 1923's 'Success', but his film career would not begin to take off until he was 43 in 1934's 'Crime Without Passion' opposite Claude Rains. Stanley found himself cast in character roles, as his graying hair put his romantic leading man days at an end. Despite this he was expertly cast in the 1940 horror film 'Black Friday' opposite Boris Karloff as a loved professor who becomes the innocent victim of a shooting. To save him Karloff's character transplants part of the brain of the criminal, who shot Stanley's character. Stanley then goes on to steal the film doing a Jekyll and Hyde act going from the beloved professor to the crass and uncouth criminal. He would be cast in other memorable films, 'The Sea Wolf' (1941), 'Sergeant York' (1941), 'To Be Or Not To Be' (1942), and 'The Suspect' (1944). His last film would be 1951's 'The Groom Wore Spurs' with Ginger Rogers, before passing away in May of that year.
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